Pokhara // Nepal
Since I decided to travel to Nepal, Visiting Pokhara was on top of my priorities. Pokhara was the perfect place to be after the intense and busy journey within Kathmandu city. In such town, you feel an entirely different mood, energy, and lifestyle. You feel relaxed right after getting out of the bus. Refilling your lungs with a pure fresh air, chilling, and watching boats 🚣 tickling the calm surface of the lake, was a must to do on the first day, to regain energy after the long bus ride.
The next few days I've stayed there I tried as much as I can to capture the magic of the Phewa Lake. And as I spent most of my time in Pokhara near this lake, it made sense for me to build a series of photos that shows the way I was picturing this place in my imagination. I was fascinated by the calm surrounding the lake even if the place was busy with tourists. The boats floating on the lake with their colorful painting added an original touch to this lake, which you can't find anywhere in the world.


I highly recommend to traveling over there, beside that you will see one of the stunning landscapes on earth, but also because by traveling there, you are contributing to help such beautiful country and its people to maintain their heritage.

Thank you. 
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